(I wanted a weird Lego photo again but I failed miserably, so I ended up using this one from our recent vacation.)

They run for their lives as flames spring up around them; the fire closes in on them, surrounds them; finally, they make a narrow escape moments before everything blows up. This looks like a familiar scene from a shoot-em-up movie; yet we had a familiar feeling as we were flying towards Europe last Friday on what we believed was the last flight for a while.

Now that we’re home, we stay put. But we are still passengers. We work from home – but let’s just stop for a moment: how is that possible? The lights are still on, the water is running, the phones work, we’re online without a hitch. And there is food in the supermarket, and if I order something, it will arrive.

We know there are doctors and nurses in the hospitals, we see buses and trams and trains running to take those of us to work who can’t do home office.

Teachers work day and night to be able to teach online (in a country where this was alien to most of schools over here).

We are all passengers on this strange vehicle. We owe thanks to all these people, especially as they are exposed to the highest risk of getting infected with Corona.

I want to especially shout out to the wife of a colleague, who, as a doctor, was recently assigned to a newly established epidemic hospital in our city. You and your likes are our heroes.

Thank you. Stay safe. Reach out if you need help. Reach out if you need someone to listen to you.

Oh, and watch the Quarantine soirées by my favorite orchestra:

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