How is the squirrel?*

If you mean The Squirrel, I don’t know, I haven’t seen her (him? let’s agree she’s a she) in a month.

By the way, I’m impressed you remembered her from a month ago.**

One bright February morning, still in the era B.C.V. (Before the Coronavirus), I noticed someone was scratching the roof. The noise got closer and closer to the window, my #homeoffice window, that is. It opens to the street, and – as part of my privilege – offers a wonderful view of the city, too.

I pulled the curtain apart just in time to see her scurry along the windowsill, jump on the balcony, looking and sniffing around. Finding nothing, she quickly proceeded to the next pine tree.

She repeated this the next day. And then two days later. Always at 9am. Strictly B.C.V.

We then deposited some leftover nuts on the balcony. Next morning, she scrutinized the nuts for a while, then scurried along all the same. She never took anything while we were watching.

Next morning she didn’t show. But half of the nuts were also gone. She repeated this the next day. And maybe the next.

We haven’t seen her since. At one point, the nuts also failed to be taken.

We then went on a holiday, leaving the youngsters behind with some cousins. When we came back, we asked about The Squirrel. No-one saw her. I hope she’s alright.

There you have it. Even the squirrels are not the same in this day and age A.C.V. (After the Coronavirus).

* The squirrel in the photo is not her.

** Just the other day, this was the first question I got in the company support group chat.

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