Highlights of an ordinary day

7.30am – gets up, makes breakfast (for everyone at home, that’s supposed to be a rotating duty, but daily routine is still messy). Let’s not mention sleep. Wonders what to post in the evening.

9am – pulls self together, stares out the window. The home-office (aka bedroom) window opens to a vast open space, with the entire central and southern part of the city in view. This is probably their biggest privilege at this time.

9.30am – checks why son’s history assignment won’t load on the Teams system the son’s school is using. No luck there.

10am – call with a colleague who joined just a few days BCV, and was thrust into home-office within days.

11am – checks results of an exam taken three weeks ago. That was during their last trip BCV (hopefully not the last ever). Exam passed, certification awarded. Yay! Still no idea what to post in the evening, though.

11.30am – checks if the printer ordered ten days ago was dispatched. Not yet. Bugger. Needs better wi-fi printer for proper home-officing.

12am – call with a customer and friend. Spending half an hour talking about family, business, world. Needed it.

12.30pm – goes through son’s math assignment with son. At wife’s advice, they call teacher to say: social distancing and remote classes don’t mean home-schooling.

1:20pm – lunch with family. Every lunch is with family. This is new – they make a point of having breakfast and supper together, but lunch on weekdays together, it’s unprecedented.

2pm – hour of love call with company. Actually, it’s 30 minutes, but still. Loves how company does the exact opposite of what is written in 1984.

3pm – ventures to grocery store to get supplies for the week-end. This is at the level of Amundsen’s polar mission, as far as effort and danger is concerned. This also has to pass as the day’s exercise. Evening looms, inspiration is conspicuously absent.

4pm – does some actual work (some more also happened during the day, but it’s boring, you don’t want to know the details).

5pm – helps with daughter’s math assignment. (At some point, some dumb grammar assignment was also tackled.)

6pm – supper, chores, whatnot. Still wonders what to post.

7pm – writes this post. Wonders how every day is so predictable and similar, while outside it’s impossible to tell what happens in the next hour.

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