Noise has changed

[I’ve been lazy today, just noted down a list of feelings]

The noise from the street is different now.
The dawn is much the same, but we hear the birds more clearly.
A woodpecker from the garden across is getting annoying.

A lot less hum from the city down below.
New voices come from humans addressing each other from a distance.
No planes, and strangely no ambulance sirens.

My window gives a beautiful view. But all the structure,
all the architecture is meaningless somehow.

The noise has been mostly silence these days.
Is this the silence of fear or the silence of the fight?
Or am I getting silenced, helplessly, against my will?

It’s a comforting thought. Being able to fight by silence.
The onset of the quiet is the end of denial.
This gives me somewhere to put my anger.

We are being taught of our own insignificance.
If we truly learn this, there is hope for us yet.

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